Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my Alert has been activated?

Unless it is in stealth mode, you will see the red Alert screen, when activated

Is the HawkGuard24 App always running?

No. You need to launch the application before you can use the application.

Can you track my phone if the app is not running?

No, we are only able to track the phone if the application is running. Also, we will only be able to provide the last known location before the App is turned off

If my keypad is locked, will the Alert still work?


What should I do if I change my Phone Device or my SIM Card?

Download the HawkGuard24 App on the new phone and log in with your user name and password. If you change your SIM Card, enter the new phone number on your user account on the HawkGuard24 Website

Will Hawkeye be constantly monitoring my movements?

No. Hawkeye will only track your movement if your Alert is activated or for testing purposes.

Will a Hawkeye response team be dispatched no matter where I am?

No. Hawkeye response teams will only respond where we have Hawkeye response teams. Currently we have response teams in Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, May Pen, Mandeville, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

How will Hawkeye find me if I am in danger?

By using the descriptive information you record on your user account. It is important to accurately fill in as much information as you can about your features and to update a recent picture of yourself. In addition, whenever your description changes (such as hair colour) it is best to update your user account with your latest picture and other identification data.

Will the HawkGuard24 App reduce the battery life of my phone?

If the application is running, yes it will. Battery life may reduce by approximately 25%.

Will the Alert work when I am indoors?

Yes, however it may not be very accurate as it relies on satellite coordinates for accurate information. This App is designed to work optimally when outdoors.

Can the HawkGuard24 App work with pre-paid or post-paid phone plans?

Yes, it works with both.

Does my phone need to meet specific requirements for the HawkGuard24 App to work ?

Yes, it must be a 'SmartPhone, which can be Android, iPhone or Blackberry 10 devices. It must also have a data package, i.e. access to the internet and have GPS features.

Does the Alert work if my phone is off?


Can I activate my Alert if my vehicle has broken down or is stolen?

No. This service has been designed and priced primarily for extreme security situations where your life is under threat.
This App does not:

  • track lost or stolen phones and will not respond to requests for location check. There are however, free phone Apps available that can do this for you
  • respond to 3rd parties, i.e. friends family neighbours not on your subscription
  • respond to loss of personal effects, home invasion or medical emergency